Q. I haven’t received my username and password?

A. The LMS sends out the login details automatically as soon as you are entered onto the system, sometimes your mail client will direct the login details email to your junk mail/spam folder. Please check this folder before contacting us.

Q. My username and password do not work?

A. You should try cutting and pasting your username and password into the text fields as this will ensure the correct username and password combination. If you have forgotten your password you can click the FORGOT PASSWORD on the home page.

Q. Some characters are missing when the course is displayed?

A. If you are using Internet Explorer we advise disabling Active X Filtering within the Tools menu.  For all other browser please ensure you are using the latest version of Adobe Flash Player

Contact Us: lms.support@alcumusgroup.com 


The LMS system does not require the installation of any plugins or software and has been tested on the following operating systems and browsers:


Operating Systems

Windows (Vista, 7, 8)


Mac OS


Internet Explorer 9 and above

Mozilla Firefox 4 and above

Google Chrome

Apple Safari 4 and above


Display Resolution

The minimum supported resolution is: 1024 x 768


Hardware Requirements

Hardware requirements are immaterial to the correct use of the platform, as the Santia Learning Management System is based on typical website technology.


For optimal playback of audio and video assets included in the course content, we recommend the following hardware configurations:





Intel® Pentium® 4 @ 2.33 GHz or equivalent


128 MB RAM


PowerPC® G5 @ 1,8 GHz or higher


Intel Core™ Duo @ 1.33 GHz or higher


256 MB RAM



Intel® Pentium® 4 @2.33 GHz or equivalent


128 MB RAM




5.0.2 Mobile devices


Alcumus’s eLearning platform is compatible with most mobile devices including iOS, Android and Windows based tablets and cell-phones. The platform automatically provides a separate mobile version for maximum compatibility and can easily be switched between desktop and mobile versions. Course progression is recorded and automatically updates between devices, in the event a delegate changes the device used during the course. 


Note: Due to the large range of mobile devices and operating systems available, 100% compatibility cannot be guaranteed, but most major handsets and brands are covered.

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